What AIPMM certification stands for:

It’s time to stand your ground with Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager Certification from AIPMM.

“The certifications have differentiated me from other candidates and have helped me get additional interviews. Furthermore, I believe they were instrumental in helping me get an outstanding job offer last week!” – Michael Jouaneh, MBA, CPM, CPMM

With AIPMM Certification you will be able to say the same thing with confidence. Both the workshop and certification will give you the necessary knowledge and industry insight you want and will provide you with a proving ground to demonstrate your proficiency to both your colleagues and competitors.

“There is definitely a sense of pride in knowing that I proved to myself and others I know the best practices for Product Management. In addition, recruiters have said it makes my resume stand out from the rest.” Holly Hansen, CPM/CPMM


Why you should hire a Certified Product Manager:

  • Managing your company’s products is essential to have a winning operation. You need the very best people managing your product lines.
  • Certified product management increases the confidence of your customers, investors and business partners, and elevates your organization’s credibility, reputation and value.
  • Certified CPMs are a highly-select group.
  • Passing the exams is demanding and earning the CPM requires passing an exam in a time pressured environment.

“The certification is a rite of passage -it certainly helps to confirm one’s own abilities as a product manager.” Linda Underwood CPM/CPMM


Why you don’t want to lose a Certified Product Manager from your staff:

  • CPM’s create standard processes that reduce overhead and make cross functional teams more effective and efficient. Lose a CPM and you lose ground on your competition.
  • CPM’s create environments for continuous learning to incorporate improvements into subsequent releases of a product. Lose the CPM, lose the lessons learned from the last product development cycle.
  • CPM’s are CEOs in training. Keep your CPM’s and you have a ready supply of seasoned managers to grow new product lines, divisions, and provide a supply of CEO replacement candidates for succession planning. Lose your CPMs and you shoot yourself in the foot with respect to succession planning